Cable & Wireless’ new logo – see it here first!

Well, I couldn’t resist taking a drive over to the C&W Bracknell campus to take a look at the new logo. So here they are. Everyone will have thier own opinion, so I’ll leave it to you to make comments below!

This is the sign at one of the car parks.

and the two receptions at Bracknell.

To see a history of C&W logos – C&W rebranding?

6 Responses to Cable & Wireless’ new logo – see it here first!

  1. Bob Cowell says:

    With such a logo, Cable & Wireless is sure to slip into obscurity.

  2. Tony Naylor says:

    Looks like its slowly sinking to the bottom of a rather neglected fish tank.



  3. Andrew Orange says:

    I’d heard that Cable & Wireless was just called “and” nowadays. The Cable and the Wireless were sold years back. Therefore I’m surprised the & is the only part of the logo that is not in bold – I’d have thought that this would be the bit to emphasise!

  4. Julian Rawle says:

    It reminds of signs for “Accident & Emergency” at a hospital.

    “C&W”? “A&E”? have a similar ring to them!

  5. Henry Kay says:

    Hmmm. Looks like the logo for “Crate & Barrel” – the US homewares store. Will stay in fashion for about as long as it takes to say “Sir Eric Sharp turns in his grave”.

  6. Andrew Wilding says:

    I think you can recall the Energis website branding from around the time just before they went bust, you will understand where the inspiration came from

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