C&W rebranding?

I heard on the grapevine the other day that C&W is in the process of rebranding. Now I don’t know whether that is for the global business or just the UK arm. It seems that the ‘deathstar’ has finally died. I see this is a very sad day, breaking yet another link with the old pre 2000 C&W we all knew so well. The signs are already up in Bracknell I here? The new branding can be seen here.

Evidently, the logo is being replaced with Cable&Wireless with no spaces and a selection of pastel shades as a background. Interestingly, employees are allowed to choose their own colour as a background!

However, time do have to change and I remember the furore when Mercury in the UK was told to change their name and logo to that of C&W by Dick Brown. It was the end of the world I seem to remember! However, the company survived to live another day.

I guess there was a similar rumpus when the deathstar logo itself was brought in to replace the original ‘snail’ logo adopted when C&W was privatised along with British Telecom all those years ago. I understand the adoption took place around the end of 1967 or early 1968.

I guess if it helps the company to turn around and achieve success then I’m all for it, as long as it didn’t cost too much! Do you remember the old rumour that C&W spent $1m acquiring cw.com back in 2000. It’s good to remember that original C&W web site started under the desk of Russ Ede in Group Development as the Board at the time did not understand what the Internet was all about!

Just to complete the logo history, on the left is the two globes the Imperial pre-privitisation days. The one on the right was used by the Exiles club and was known as the red horse for pretty obvious reasons. A colleague mentioned that the telegraphic address of the company back then was Empiregram. Those were the days!

6 Responses to C&W rebranding?

  1. Russ says:

    Thanks for this Chris – and for the name check.

    Great site BTW

  2. CJ says:

    Well, Duncan Lewis would have liked it!

    Will take a look around your site when I have a bit more time.

  3. Chris E says:

    I think “Snail, rampant” was the un-officially preferred (and Heraldry-approximated)description of the old logo. I always thought they should have updated it and used the megabucks more usefully!

  4. BI says:

    Well rebranding is always the easiest way of getting money out of the reserves and have the least accountability when spending it. The end result demonstrates minimal imagination and has nothing to set it apart.

  5. Jim J says:

    Seem to remember the “Snail” was also known is certain quarters as “The Ruptured Slug”!

  6. pc says:

    Very apt, a non-logo for a non-company..

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