The mobile or cell phone appears normal, but…

WARNING! Using surveillance devices, intercepting and/or recording audio conversations, without the consent of all the
parties involved might be illegal in your country. Check local laws before or purchasing and/or using any of our products

Well, that’s the warning on the web site of SpyPhones. As it seems prices do not include 19% dutch [sic] tax, I assume its a Netherlands company.

There was quite a kerfuffle last night on the BBC regional news last night about spy software on mobile phones. So I thought I would take a look at what was going on and I have to admit to being a little surprised.

Their About page says…

We already have experience with spyphones for 5 years. We have tested all availableSpyphones from the first bug phone till the latest Spyphone Interceptors. We are [sic] Manufacturer and distributor of Spyphones and we make most of the modifications ourselves. We deliver worldwide within one week…

They are Symbian based cellular phones whit [sic] modified software programmed on it. With this software you are able to turn the phone in a Spy phone, call and audio recorder, Security device and be able to send encrypted SMS messages.

These GSM Spyphones look and operate like a normal phone…

But when you call the phone from one special number programmed in the phone the spy phone will be turned into a sophisticated bugging device, allowing you to hear what is going on in the vicinity of the phone. The spy phone works like a normal mobile phone and so shows nothing suspicious or unusual to the user.

When a key is touched the Spyphone automatically breaks the connection to prevent suspicioun [sic]. The phone appears normal and in standby mode.

It couldn’t be easier it seems…

However when you call the phone using the phone’s special number, it automatically answers without letting the owner being aware that you are connected to their phone. It allows you listen discreetly to what is going on up to 5 meters away from the phone.When anyone is calling or recieving a phonecall with the phone, you will get an SMS message wich tells you what the phone is doing. Then you can call to the phone and listen to the conversationrom anywhere in the world with no range limitations, just dial in and listen….

Since all modifications to the phones are made very carefully, neither Spy-phone user nor a technician of any skill can find out it is a special spyphone.

Their usage is quite clear I think, but they clearly enumerate some ideas:

* Keeping track of your partner.
* See if you can trust your business partner.
* Listen in sales talks of your employees.
* Protecting your children
* To reveal secrets.

It does make sense for us all to be careful about what phones are in our vicinity when having an important discussion. You never know who might be listening!

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