Virgin Media near a Cable and Wireless tie-up?

The newspapers are full of rumour about C&W and Virgin Media – arn’t they always?

In this case its “Virgin Media is close to announcing a strategic tie-up with Cable & Wireless (C&W) to help it provide telecom and television services to homes not served by its existing cable network.”

Virgin Media, let us not forget, is the new name for NT who merged with Telewest…

Let us also not forget that Mercury Communications changed its name to Cable & Wireless Communications (CWC) in 1997, to bring it closer from a brand perspective to its parent company C&W. Along with the CWC rebrand, Dick Brown C&W’s CEO at the time, acquired three cable companies.

In 1999 CWC sold its consumer assets to NTL. It was these cable businesses along with Mercury’s consumer telephony business that was sold. The reason given at the time was that CWC wanted to focus on UK business services.

After CWC sold its consumer business, it was merged with Cable and Wireless and renamed it C&W. You can see a logo history of C&W here.

Then came the Bulldog and Energis acquisition and the sale of the customer bit of Bulldog to Pipex in 2006 to concentrate on UK DSL wholesale deals (C&W UK kept the co-location assets).

So somewhere in this is, perhaps, a bit of irony that C&W UK might sign a wholesale agreement with NTL to provide infrastructure to NTL – whoops, Virgin Media – who want to outsource, if that is the right term, their DSL infrastructure. Will this also include the original Mercury telephony network sold to NTL I wonder?

No maybe, on reflection after a cup of coffee, I’ve got it all wrong and I’m just confused!

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