A typical week living with a PC?

My problems are your entertainment, so here goes. and no that’s not me on the left!

It all started on Sunday I guess. My dog pulled me down my garden steps which resulted in me banging my head on a step. This was followed in the afternoon when, tidying my garden, I managed to poke my eye with pine needles. The rest of the week was spent with one bright red eye!

On Monday. I made the mistake of reading the postings here all about computer problems.

On Tuesday. Resisting putting pen to Outlook, I decided that it might be a good idea to clear the inside of my computer of 12 months of fluff and dust.

Boy, there was a lot! I have no idea why, but when I rebooted my now rather old PC, inevitably it wouldn’t! Lots of garbage on the screen and a complete failure to boot. After fiddling around for a couple of hours, I discovered that my graphics card had blown up, replacing it made the computer boot properly. Phew.

On Wednesday. The machine has been running like a dog for a number of months now so it was time to upgrade. My son has a number of machines floating around the house, so he built one up for me with twice the clock speed and delivered it to my desk.

On Thursday. Spent the day on that unenviable task of reinstalling all those applications and devices connected to the USB port. Trying find to find all my registration codes – well you know the problem. By 6 o’clock I was quite happy with most things working. Then, bloody hell! I got up from my desk and caught the cable going to my USB hub with my foot. I didn’t yank in the direction that would just pull the plug out – oh no – I yanked in opposite direction and it destroyed the complete USB socket and the screen went blank. My son was out at the time, so I tryed to repair the motherboard with no success. It looked like I had shorted the +5V line and computer #2 would not boot. When my son came home, I had to say to him “I’ve some bad news…”

On Friday. Fortunately, we could get a new motherboard from PCWorld which is 1/2 a mile from my house. My son rebuilt the machine and found there was no further damage. I completed installing all the apps including Norton Antivirus. Now, I am very well aware that Norton has a well earned reputation for slowing machines down but I have never had any problems myself (Maybe I had with my old machine but I didn’t notice). On Friday afternoon my new machine virtually stopped working because it had slowed down slow much – by a factor of at least 100. I was tearing my hair out by now.

Another significant problem I had was that Firefox 2 just would not load. I clicked the icon several times but it just would not load. Looking I also had this problem – though not quite so severe – on my old machine.

After several hours of frustration I decided to disable Norton Antivirus and wow! Suddenly Firefox loaded instantly and all my delays vanished and I was left with an appropriately fast machine. Thank heavens! I have no idea why this should be so – interrupt lock-ups perhaps? Anyway, Norton was uninstalled and replaced with AVG and everything was hunky dori. I’ve been using Norton for more than ten years so this is quite a step for me.

My son came into my office and I explained that I had got to the bottom of my problem. While doing so I was fiddling with my eye glasses in my hands. Crack! my nice new frameless glasses cracked in half…

On Saturday everything seemed to be working but I refused to get in my car for a few days!

Whatever you do, please DON’T clean your computer.

Postscript: Well maybe my story is not over. My PC would not boot this morning with the message ‘NTLDR not found’. This, of course, is the main Windows boot loader program stored at c:/. We copied the file over from the Windows CD and I ran full virus and spyware scans but no problems were found and so ends week two!

Postscript #2: Would you believe it? On March 15th the new motherboard gave up the ghost and stopped working. An exchange of the motherboard did the trick and I’m up and running again. How long will this saga go on!

3 Responses to A typical week living with a PC?

  1. We’ve all been there Chris, and this is usually the point at which you go out and buy a Mac! I did just that last year and never looked back… 😉

  2. Chrisg says:

    Max, I’m the only one left in the house using a PC!

  3. […] Living in the 2st century can be very trying sometimes – is this just me? After posting my PC problems last week I’ve found that I’ve been plagued in numerous other aspects of living in the […]

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