File sharing with ‘Tubes’

Tubes is a very interesting new application that was launched a few weeks ago and would seem to fill an interesting hole in the plethora of services available on the Internet.

If you share files between computers or collaborate with colleagues and friends, then Tubes could be for you. It will work on a one-to-one basis or with multiple communities. It will automatically replicate selected files of content across selected devices or between colleagues.

You simply create a directory and drag and drop the files you wish to share into that directory and directories that are automatically synchronised on a permission based basis. Tubes works off-line as well so that content is available to you where ever you are working.

You enter your colleagues email address, send your colleagues an invitation and when they accept it, a network link will be set up on a peer to peer basis among the community. You are able to set up multiple networks, for different projects or groups of colleagues.

If you would like to learn more, go to their home page and you will find an entertaining video preview at the bottom of the page – How Tubes works.

It’s simple to use and definitely addresses a need. There are other shareware programs around that do a similar thing, but this seems far more well thought out and professional.

One Response to File sharing with ‘Tubes’

  1. lisa says:

    It is always amazing to me how many products and services are available to the masses regarding file sharing and file hosting. This Tubes thing looks quite similar to a service I use online, called myDataBus ( I can also do group collaboration with one or many, and can upload any type of file I need to. It allows me to have 5GB for free, but they do have the option to purchase more. These types of services are awesome, and it would have been so nice to have during my college years when I was scrambling around trying to find a disk to bring to the computer lab to work on a project. But, it works equally as well for a young professional like myself in sharing files with friends and colleagues.

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