Will I live through browser incompatibilities?

Living in the 2st century can be very trying sometimes – is this just me? After posting my PC problems last week I’ve found that I’ve been plagued in numerous other aspects of living in the 21st century as well. No, I’m not talking about those people who use mobiles on quiet railway carriages, by the age old problem of browser incompatibles.

No, I’m not talking about bad rendering of HTML code on a particular browser, but the much more pernicious writing of services that will only work on a particular browser.

Nobody would particularly mind a new service that has problems; you would just swear and move on! But honestly, to come across a service that has had millions of public money spent on it is another matter.

I’m talking here about the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). They have introduced a service that allows a patient to book their own appointment. On the service this sounds great, but honestly the fact that it only works with Internet Explorer is not brilliant by any means!


All I wanted to do was to make a hospital appointment using Firefox…

Another example was when I thought about early retirement a couple of year’s ago – if only! Great I thought, you can do it on line but Microsoft Visual basic enevitably decided otherwise!


To round things off, remember the eye glasses I broke last week in my ‘PC problem’ week? I went for an eye test at Boots this morning to get them replaced. All was going swimmingly well until I discovered that they had just installed a new IBM system based on – guess what? – Windows. I thought I might crack a joke to the receptionist but I held back. Then, guess what, right at the end of the consultation, up popped the usual little Windows style error message containing the message Abort! Well, the system did just that and dropped out losing all the imformation about my prescription just entered.

I promise to return to normal service soon and return to talking about positive aspects of technology and stop being a grumpy old man. Maybe I should swop to using an Apple (everyone else in my house uses an Apple) but what about the rest of the world?



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