Technology posts

The demise of ATM
Where now frame relay?

Mobile phones related:
Mobile apps: Java just doesn’t cut the mustard?
GSM pico cell’s moment of fame
WAP, GPRS, HSDPA on the move!
payforit on your mobile
Content transcoding hits mobiles

Network related:
The phenomenon of Ipsilon
The rise and maturity of MPLS
MPLS and the limitations of the Internet
Traffic Engineering, capacity planning and MPLS-TE
Path Computation Element (PCE): IETF’s hidden jewel
GMPLS and common control
The network dogma: Has the wheel turned full circle?
Optimum Communications Services – finally a way out of the zero-sum game?

Internet related:
The tale of DOCSIS and cable operators
IPv6 to the rescue – eh?
The curse of BPL?

Ethernet related:
Ethernet goes carrier grade with PBT / PBB-TE?
PBB-TE / PBT or will it be T-MPLS (MPLS-TP)?
Enabling PBB-TE – MPLS seamless services

SDH / SONET optical related:
SDH, the great survivor
Making SDH and DWDM packet friendly
PONs are anything but passive
Azea Networks, upgrading submarine cables

Wireless related:
The Bluetooth standards maze

Application and services related:
Location based services
The magic of ‘presence’
Colo crisis for the UK Internet and IT industry?
IP Multimedia Subsystem or bust!
sip, Sip, SIP – Gulp!
Do you know your ENUM?

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